About Me

Fashion Styling was something I tried my hand upon whilst at university, I created an online Facebook magazine  called  'buzzin' where I would share fashion tips with friends, this in turn led to work opportunities with various independent publications and websites.

My approach to fashion styling is sharing and helping people decide trends worth trying as well as the best buys in the shops. Price of course also plays a big influence in my fashion choices, hence why all my fashion features are based mostly though not exclusively on the high street

Bosun's Style Pages is a page I created to showcase my previous and on going work as a freelance Fashion Stylist, so far I've had no real experience with an actual mainstream publication, it is my ambition to gain an internship or a job with one of the celeb fashion weeklies, Fashion magazines, but till then if you like my work on here and would like me to create fashion pages as well as edit the shopping pages for your magazine or website, do not hesitate to contact me at "bosun83@gmail.com"