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 My Work For the Afterdark Network website

Click on the links below to see various Fashion features I've edited and styled for the Afterdark network

Buzzy Bee's High Street Heaven

Buzzy Bee's High Street Heaven (Women)

Buzzy Bee's High Street Heaven (Men)

2010 Oscar Fashion Round up Part 1
                                                Part 2

Bosun's Fashion Wrap Part 1
                                   Part 2

Afterdark's Fashion Wrap 1

Afterdark's Fashion Wrap 2

Afterdark's Fashion Wrap 3

Afterdark's Fashion Wrap 4

Afterdark's Fashion Wrap 5 (Women)

Afterdark's Weekly Red Carpet

Afterdark's Weekly Fashion Wrap

Afterdark's Men's Weekly  Fashion Wrap

My Work for buzzin' mag on Facebook
buzzin' mag page on facebook
buzzin' Mag Issue 1

 buzzin' mag Issue 2

 buzzin' mag Issue 3

 buzzin' mag Issue 4

 buzzin' mag Issue 5

buzzin' mag Issue 6

buzzin' Fashion Bites

buzzin' mag Issue 7
buzzin' mag Issue 8
buzzin' mag Issue 9
buzzin' mag Issue 10
buzzin' mag issue 11
buzzin' Summer Issue

I'm the author of high street shopping blog The High Street Hobo

I'm also  the author of  two bollywood based blogs

Bollywood Deewana
Bollywood Movie Fashion